6-week ‘Defrag Action Plan’ on-line course plus 2 x 60 minute coaching sessions

Strategies for calming your mind, clearing some mental space and establishing a calmer and healthier base-line level of physiological arousal

On this 6-week on-line course you will establish your own wellbeing goals, and over the duration of the course you will put together a plan (a Wellbeing and Resilience Action Plan or WRAP Plan) that will act as a clear road-map for how to get yourself into a ‘clear, calm and focussed’ mind-space.  And you will start ‘working your plan’ as you move through the course.  You will learn a number of strategies that will enable you to return to this mind-space more quickly and easily, and for longer periods of time.  You will learn about the physiology of stress and learn techniques will that help you to calm the stress physiology and help you to regain and maintain the mental and physiological state that allows you to see things in perspective.


6-week 'Defrag Action Plan' on-line course plus 2 x 60 minute coaching sessions